Name: Ren
Sex: Male
Height: 6’1
D.O.B.: Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Next of kin: unknown

Past medical diagnosis:
Lyme disease, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, M.E./CFS, ADHD, chronic depression, intermittent episodes of psychosis

Physical evaluation:
Pale yellowish complexion, potential signs of jaundice or malnutrition, slightly underweight, tremors in hands, and subtle facial tics which seem to come and go particularly during periods of intense phycological stress. Patient complains about constant fasciculations in calf muscles and eyelids.

Initial observations:
Patient seems detached, with an inability to hold eye-contact during conversation. Patient is eloquent and articulate when spoken, yet erratically bounces between philosophical and political topics with no cohesive thread. Patient has no real sense of identity, feels victimised by past trauma, often refers to his suffering as a consequence of demonic intervention. Seems to enter a state of mania when expressing dangerous political ideologies. Has expressed a difficulty in integrating with society as he feels isolated and unable to relate in social interactions. Constantly expresses delusional concerns about the fundamentals of human nature, compares it to a ‘virus’ that will wipe itself out unless radical change is undertaken. Clearly these delusions stem from an over-active mind and a paranoid disposition. Often complains about visual and auditory hallucinations involving figures in animal masks, which seem to have an Orwellian origin due to his affinity for dystopian literature.

Proposed treatment:
Electroconvulsive therapy, Anti-phsycotics, beta blockers and SSRI’s to help suppress and calm central nervous system, Cognitive behavioural therapy, limbic system retraining